Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitters translate low-level electrical outputs from pressure sensing devices to higher-level signals that are suitable for transmission and processing. They use many different sensing technologies and can measure the pressure of liquids and/or gases. Elastic elements when subjected to pressure get deformed. This deformation when measured gives an indication of the applied pressure. These elements may be in the form of Diaphragm, Bourdan Tube, Capsules, Bellows, and Helical Tube. Etc. These deformations can be measured by mechanical means. Features Head or Rail Mounting. Field mounting (Optional) Highly stable Analog design. Built in ‘cold junction compensation’ for thermocouple. Linearization & 3rd wire compensation for RTD. Wide supply voltage rang Compact & cost effective. Technical Specification Input : Pt-100 RTD, 2 OR 3wire. /Thermocouple Output : 2 wire 4 to 20mA corresponding to defined input temperature range. Operating Voltage : Nominally 24 VDC, can range from 12V to 36V. Maximum Load in Loop : 250 Ohm for 24VDC supply. Basic Accuracy:- +/- 0.5% of FSD. Ambient Operating Temperature Range:- 0 to50°C. Indication(s):- Red LED “ON” indicates that unit is operating in loop. Material of Encapsulation:- Epoxy.

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