Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensor

Specifications:- Features :- Head or Rail Mounting. Field mounting (Optional) Highly stable Analog design. Built in ‘cold junction compensation’ for thermocouple. Linearization & 3rd wire compensation for RTD. Wide supply voltage range Compact & cost effective. Technical Data :- Input:- Pt-100 RTD, 2 OR 3wire. / Thermocouple. Output:- 2wire 4 to 20mA corresponding to defined input temperature range. Operating Voltage:- Nominally 24VDC, can range from 12V to 36V. Maximum Load in Loop:- 250Ohm for 24VDC supply. Basic Accuracy:- +/- 0.5% of FSD. Linearization Circuitry Error:- <0.05% of span at any current. Ambient Operating Temperature Range:- 0 to50°C. Indication(s):- Red LED “On” indicates that unit is operating in loop. Operating Humidity Limit:- 10 to 90%, Non-condensing. Material of Encapsulation:- Epoxy.

PBSN Pressure Transmitter

Item Code: 01 Specifications:- Ranges from 1 to 1600 Bar SS body & wetted parts SS 316 Output: 4–20 mA DC 2 wire Supply: 10 -30 VDC Turn down ratio: 1:6 Accuracy: 0.25% Temperature limit: -25 to + 100 Deg C Connection: ½” BSP (M) bottom 50% span adjustments