Digital Temperature Gauge

Specifications:- Input :- RTD (Pt-100) & Thermocouple ‘K’ (Cr-al). Range :-As per your requirement. Indication :- 3½ Digit Seven Segment LCD ½”size. Accuracy of Indication :- ±0.5% of FSD ± 1digit Operating Temperature :- 0ºc to 50ºC Supply :- 9VDC (Battery) Probe Dia. :- 6.35mm, 8mm, and 9.5mm or as per your application.

Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

Specifications Diaphragm Type: HP: -1 to 0 kg/cm & 0 to 10 kg/cm LP : -6000 mmWC to 0 & 0 to 6000 mmWC Accuracy: ±1.6% of F.S. Ambient Temperature: -20 Deg C to 65Deg C. Process Temperature: max 100 Degree C. OPerating Pressure Range: 75% of scale value. Over pressure limit: 125% of scale value. Gauge connection: 1/2″ BSP.

Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge (Stainless Steel Series)

Specifications: Accuracy: ±1.0% of FS. Ambient Temperature: -25 Degree to 65 Degree Process Temperature: Max 300 Degree C. Operating Pressure Range: 75% of scale value. Over pressure Limit: < 100 bar : 125% of Max. Scale Value >100 to < 600 bar : 115% of Max. Scale Value > 600 to < 1600 bar : 110% of Max. Scale Value Protection: IP65

100mm Panel Mounting Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge

Our 100mm panel mounting micro glycerin filled pressure gauges are ideal for dampening the effect of vibration & pulsation. It also lubricate the movement and internal parts which extends the lite of gauge. It enhance the reliability and integrity of measuring system for long periods under extreme operating condition.