A. NABL lab:

Our constant endeavour to offer the best in quality to our clients has led to getting an in house
NABL Accredited Lab.

NABL Accreditation Certificate No. C-0645 for Thermal as per ISO/IEC17025:2005 Compliance.

NABL Accreditation assures that we…….

  1. Provide our clients with excellent results and certified products Constantly Upgrade technical competence of the laboratory staff.
  2. Ensure that the laboratory operates management systems effectively.
  3. Improvement in quality with compliance to ISO requirements.
  4. Improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of lab measurement programs.
  5. Provision of state-of-the-art analysis techniques and software.
  6. Products and Services that measure up to the highest standards.Machine/Equipment:
B. Machine/Equipment: Quality control & Testing Equipment:
Sr.No. Equipment
1 Spot welding Machine
2 Gas welding Machine
3 Drilling Machine
4 Buffing & Polishing Machine
5 Grinder Machine
6 Pipe Cutting Machine
7 Brazier Machine
8 T.I.G. Welding Machine
9 Press Machine
10 Coil winding Machine
11 Multimeter
12 Hot Air Blower
13 Hydraulic Crimping Machine
14 Digital Vernier Caliper
Sr.No. Equipment
1 DMM (6&1/2 digit) Fluke make (Model-8846A)
2 Loop Calibrator GE-Druck (Model-DPI822)
3 Dry Well Fluke Make
4 Furnace Tempsens (Model-CALSYS-1200L)
5 Boiling Water Bath
6 Universal Calibrator
7 RTD Simulator
8 Mv Source
9 Oil Bath
10 HV Breakdown/Insulation Tester
11 Megger
12 Resistance decade box
13 Multimeter

C. Training for thermometry:

Yog Electro Process Pvt Ltd having 25+ years of experience in Thermal Calibration in various fields and as a leading manufacturer in Process Industry.

We can provide training.

  1. About Sourcing of material.
  2. Training to the maintenance department.