Standard Size Thermocouple Connector

Specifications:- -Economical Hollow-Pin Design -Color -Coding for ANSI or IEC -High Purity Thermocouple Alloy Pins and Sockets -Accepts up to 14 Gauge Solid or Stranded Wire -Compatible with All Standard Size Omega Connectors

Mounting Adapters

Specifications:- Weld-On Nipples: Process Connection DR, O-Ring:- PMC Original Flush-mount Design, DR, O-Ring 316L Stainless Steel Seal Versions : O-Ring, 1″ and 1 ½” See “Tools” for Welding Mandrels for use on Flush-Mount Process Connections Weld-On Nipples: Process Connectio:- PMC Original Flush-mount Design, Sanitary Seal 316L Stainless Steel, Titanium and Avesta 254 SMO Seal Version.

Compensating Cable

The joint of two dissimilar alloys producing a measurable emf that is predictable at a given temperature is thermocouple.we regularly manufacture different types of thermocouple compensating cables to meet specific operating requirements. Thermocouple cables create a low voltage signal & should not be run near power wires,motors etc. In order to minimize noise pickup,a metal


Specification:- Feature:- Thermowells are mainly used on detachable thermocouples and RTDs or on the facilities of high pressure for later installation of thermocouples and RTDs They are also used on thermocouples with double protecting tubes Applicable under the conditions of high pressure and temperature, high flow rate media Thermowells are used to shield thermocouple elements

Special Seaths

We offer an extensive range of Special Sheaths. These Sheaths are made from high quality of raw material which ensure durability at its user end. These Products are available in market at competitive rates.

Hot Rod

The Hot Rod thermocouple sheath is a cost-effective thermocouple protection system. The Hot Rod range offers a premium thermocouple protection system – providing excellent service life, good accuracy and response. Supplied ready for use with a threaded 1/2” steel tube for rapid attachment to the furnace pyrometry system. Includes removable plastic netting protection to minimize

Connectors of all Type

SPECIFICATIONS:- Most Popular Connectors Nylon or Higher Temp LCP Material Standard Removable/Reversible Standard and Miniature Sizes Ceramic, Very High Temp, Heavy-Duty Connectors High Purity, Heavy Duty Ceramic Body. Temperature Rating to 650°C (1200°F). Oversized Terminal Screws for Easy Wiring. Available with a Removable Color-Coding Dot. Solid Pin, Extra Heavy-Duty Connectors Solid Pin Construction for Maximum